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about Us


AMUSEMENT RIDES – our business

The development of amusement rides requires a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines. As leading experts, we specialize in simulating motion sequences, precisely calculating accelerations, and determining the associated loads. Our team designs and sizes efficient structures made of steel and wood, as well as mechanical components that are exposed to extreme stresses during operation. We develop the necessary software in-house to meet the specific requirements. Substantial structural calculations and manufacturer-specific production drawings leave our house. Our engineering expertise is behind over 800 roller coasters and hundreds of attractions, and we are proud to say that about one in two major roller coasters worldwide has passed through our hands. Many years of experience and technical know-how have made us a trusted partner in the industry.

AMUSEMENT RIDES – our passion

In an artistic fusion of physics and design, our visionary founder Werner Stengel created the first German steel coaster, the legendary "Super Acht," in 1964. Since then, in our Munich office, we have been continuing an impressive history filled with groundbreaking innovations. By ingeniously incorporating the clothoid shape, we took the world by storm with the safely rideable looping. The heartline makes high-speed curve rides possible to this day. Over decades, numerous developments in dynamics, structural and software engineering have led to the most breathtaking rides worldwide. And we do not rest on our laurels! Together with our clients and project partners, we apply our passion and knowledge to set new standards for the future of the leisure industry worldwide.

AMUSEMENT RIDES – our future

We want to shape the future of the industry! As long-standing experts in national and international standardization committees, we have significant influence on the state of the art and actively contribute to its development and improvement. With our self-perception as industry innovators, we actively participate in research projects, both as contributors and project leaders. We supervise numerous master's and bachelor's theses and maintain regular exchanges with renowned universities. This ensures fresh ideas, a constant focus on the future, and the ability to safely explore the limits of what is feasible. As a result, our clients and project partners can expect only the best engineering from us.